Projects Abroad

empl-1In the past we have been asked to do projects abroad.
We are in mid renovation of an old chestnut mill in Tuscany, and recently built a large four bedroom villa in Greece.
Initially the customers were a bit wary of the local builder’s practises and quality of work (a doubt a lot of overseas peoples have)
For peace of mind and absolute  reassurance of the quality of work they opted for the Henley Construction best of British.

empl-2There are two ways to get your dream overseas house. You can try and find a ready-built home that comes fairly close to what you want. but that's always going to mean compromise, remodeling...and still not getting your perfect dream house. Or you can build your own house and get exactly what you want. If building your own home sounds like a challenge in a foreign country, it's nice to know that at Henley, you get a whole lot of help.

empl-3Buying off-plan has become a popular way to make money from an overseas property investment. But why not make a good deal even better by buying the perfect plot and then organising the building of your dream home yourself?