empl-1Extending your home has always been a great way to add value to your property, especially now in the current economic climate.
When moving to a larger house isn't always an option, it can be a solution to accommodate your growing family.
Henley Construction has built all types of extensions. Whether it is a small single storey extension for that dream kitchen, or a large double storey extension to add bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, or maybe an office. 

empl-2Occasionally houses are not actually extended because of any particular need but largely as an investment. Perhaps the property is significantly undersized in relation to the plot and other properties in the area and so it may be seen as adding value to the house which will be realised when the time comes to sell.

empl-3There are many reasons why people decide to add a home extension. The most common being the growth of a family, in order to provide more bedrooms or more living space. It may increase or improve the facilities, such as a larger kitchen or another bathroom.